January 22nd, 2022
Welcome All of Our New Students! We Are So Thankful You Have Decided to Pursue Your Black Belt With Us! We Are Looking Forward to Seeing You Accomplish Your Goals!
Motivational Quote of the Week: “Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. the word itself says, IM POSSIBLE"- Audrey Hepburn.
PARENTS: We have made some minor adjustments to our class schedule. Visit our Facebook page for a copy or ask any of our instructors ! We hope everyone had a safe and quiet Holiday!
Mr. Jason Lower 6th Degree Black Belt Chief Instructor: Mr. Lower has 20 Years of Experience. He Started Martial Arts at 16 Years Old in West Palm Beach, Florida Back in August of 2000. His Tournament Accolades Include Winning 2002-2003 State Champion in Traditional Weapons (Florida), 2007-2008 Triple Crown State Champion in Tennessee (Forms, Weapons, Sparring), and 2015 Southeast District Champion in Traditional Weapons.
Jackie De La Vega Program Director As the program director of Elevate Martial Arts, I’d like for you to know a little about me. I was born and raised in south Florida, and am a former nurse of 8+ years. I decided to take this position because my love is truly for children and for them to have knowledge of when to protect and stand up for themselves as well as the discipline that comes along with these skills. What I’m hoping to see with Elevate is community growth and internal growth for our school! I want children to know and feel safe on our floor with our instructors as well as have the confidence to go outside of our school and stand tall for themselves. I'm so very excited to learn about everyone and become apart of the family here!
Mr. Asher Neal 2nd Degree Black Belt Mr. Neal is a 2nd Degree Black Belt who has been training in Martial Arts for 5 years. His achievements include multiple State Championship titles for 2018 and 2020 in the state of GA in Forms, Weapons, Sparring, and Combat Sparring.
Mr. Drey Bailey 1st Degree Black Belt Recommended Mr. Bailey started martial arts when he was 8 years old but quit when he was in 7th grade. He never lost his love for martial arts, so when Elevate opened, he joined and quickly excelled. He has a passion to always improve himself and everyone around him! Mr. Bailey's biggest karate goal right now is to earn his Black Belt in December 2021. His favorite martial arts move is twist kick.
Mr. Chris Ratterree Blue Belt Born and raised in Winder, Ga. He started Martial Arts at the age of 5. Has experience in Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai. Mr. Ratterree's biggest goal right now is to earn his Black Belt with Elevate, and to become an inspiring leader who owns his own Dojo one day.